End User Advisory Committee (EUAC)

The End User Advisory Committee (EUAC) has responsibility for providing input and advice to the project on scientific, regulatory and business issues as well as providing key advice for the project’s knowledge translation and commercialization strategies.

The Committee is composed of four members, who are leading figures in the fields of animal production and health, regulatory issues and vaccinology.  The Chair of the EUAC is a co-applicant on the project and therefore participates in the Management Committee meetings every month.  The EUAC holds two meetings a year where the Management Committee, and usually the complete project team, is invited.

Research Oversight Committee (ROC)

The oversight of the ReVAMP project, funded through Genome Canada and the two provincial Genome Centres, is assisted by a Research Oversight Committee (ROC). As mandated by Genome Canada, the ROC is constituted by, and reporting to, the Genome Centres. The ROC reports to the Genome Centres on the progress being made by the project and makes recommendations to the funders regarding continued funding, as well as providing advice and guidance to the research team to help ensure that the project achieves its stated objectives and milestones. The membership of the ROC is completely independent from the project, with no real or perceived conflicts of interest, and is composed of five international experts who work with the Genome Centres to maximize the successful outcomes of the project. The ROC receives a scientific report from the research team twice a year.